Sensory Deprivation Notes

Float Date: March 10, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm

Without having a watch all times are assumed.

  • I entered very excited and expected way too much
  • First quarter of the time in was spent frustrated and waiting
  • Felt relaxed however muscles were tight from workout, a stretch prior would've been good
  • Spent time playing with position and stretching
  • Continued frustration that experience wasn't enhanced in any way
  • Began focusing on breath, and was slightly annoyed by hearing it
  • Continued focus on breath and mind, erasing all thoughts
  • Felt my consciousness separate from my body, began to view body as simply a vessel
  • Began to think of death and realize how close death is to us at all times
  • Explore idea that with no sight, no touch, and no sound I am as close to experiencing death while being alive
  • Explore the possibility that after the body dies the spirit does not continue on, and the experience of life is truly over, and repeat this idea to myself
  • Begin to slip into a lucid dream state


  • While laying in the tank a piece of artwork that I've created appears from underneath the water and in a wave like fashion crashes into me
    • Attempt to re-create experience, does not happen
  • Continue dream state, while floating in tank the room has turned into a grey animal fur, I reach my right hand out and touch the fur I look to my left and there is a giant goat head looking at me, it opens it's mouth and quickly swallows me, this is repeated 2-3 more times, the goat smiles at me
    • Attempt to force experiences to happen, does not happen
  • I am at a gate, gate opens, and I flow through it
  • I am now floating down a river in a dark cave, I hear the sounds of water dripping from the ceiling near and far, I reach the end of the river, I am slightly afraid of what this experience may be, a devil hand reaches out and touches my left shoulder, pushes me back into the flow of the water, I do not want this experience to become negative, I begin hearing voices say "It's ok, we're here." 
  • I come to, and I am fully awake, I attempt to go back into dream state, but quickly realize it's over.